Tom Robson

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Tom started to write in his forties when his target audiences were the elementary students he taught. Flushed with two successes in Atlantic writing contests, he continued this into retirement. Writing was a hobby, purely for enjoyment until he had three ghost stories published in Out of the Mist, an anthology compiled by the Evergreen Writers Group. His adaptation into a performance piece of Catherine Scholes’ book Peace Begins With You is in “The Peaceful School. Models That Work,” by Hetty Van Gurp.

A collection of stories and poems, some true, some depending on artistic licence and selective memory, were written over a thirty-year period. They have been assembled into A Patchwork Memoir, Written While I Still Remember, published in 2014 by Mackenzie Publishing.

Tom enjoys writing short stories and journals of his travels. He occasionally tries to be poetic. He wants to gather his poems from the depths of his computer memory for publication. This will have to wait until he proves that it is possible for a man in his eightieth year to write a romantic novel. We’ll Have To Wait and See is in the works, and a lifelong tendency towards procrastination must be overcome at his advanced age before this book can reach a publisher.

Tom was born a proud Yorkshireman and enjoyed youth in the New Forest where he first became a teacher. He came to Canada in 1971. He now lives with his wife in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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