Phil Yeats

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Phil Yeats is a retired scientist experimenting with creative writing.  He has a keen interest in environmental science and dabbled in yachting and golf before turning to fiction.  Yachting can be physically challenging, golf offers gentler exercise but more frustration, creative writing no exercise but maximum frustration.  Can this be a positive trend?

 Phil is the author of several published short stories.  Most of them were written using the pen name Alan Kemister to keep a minimal degree of separation between his real science and the fictional variants in some of the stories.  He has completed drafts of novels in both science fiction and mystery genres.  Perhaps one of them will eventually see the light of day.

 More information about these writing projects is available on his Blog.

Writing Credits:

(writing as Alan Kemister), “A Fateful Encounter”, short story in The Sun Shall Rise, a Polar Expressions anthology, October 2013.

(writing as Alan Kemister), “Benjamin Franklin Ford and his Quest for a New World”, short story in No Regrets, a Silly Trees anthology, March 2014.

“Tim’s Dinner”, short story in Out of the Mist, August 2014.

“Neptune’s Wraith”, short story in Out of the Mist, August 2014.

(writing as Alan Kemister), “Murder Mystery”, short story in That Golden Summer, a Polar Expressions anthology, October 2014.

(writing as Alan Kemister), “Aspirations”, poem in The Way the Sun Slants, a Silly Trees anthology, December 2014.

“Never Another Winter”, short story in Quarter Castle Chronicles, September 2015.

(writing as Alan Kemister), “His Two Lost Uncles”, short story in Wherever We Roam, a Polar Expressions anthology, October, 2015.