Out of the Mist

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Book is available at Amazon and Smashwords, as well as in local bookstores and from members of the Evergreen Writers Group.

Stories written by Russell Barton, Manon Boudreau, Janet Doleman, Maida Barton Follini, Diane Losier, Catherine A. Mackenzie, Janet McGinity, Tom Robson, Wilma Stewart-White, Arthur G. White, and Phil Yeats. Published by Stone Cellar Publications in June 2014.

Table of Contents:

The Voices of Dawnbrook – Manon Boudreau
Avast There! Belay That! – Maida Follini
Gran-gran’s Ghost – Maida Follini
Who’s the Old Hag? – Russell Barton
The Skeleton without a Skull – Maida Follini
Fate – Diane Losier
The Séance – Russell Barton
Tim’s Dinner – Phil Yeats
Room 428 – Catherine A. MacKenzie
The Ghosts’ Night Out, or Bats in the Belfry – Maida Follini
The Once and Future Ghost – Janet McGinity
The House on the Hill – Janet Doleman
The Dancing Tulip – Wilma Stewart-White
Graveyard Study – Tom Robson
The Ghost Truck of Russiantown – Janet McGinity
Changes – Diane Losier
My Booots! – Tom Robson
Making it Happen – Art White
In Good Company – Janet Doleman
Never Go Across to that Island – Tom Robson
Eternal Love – Wilma Stewart-White
Neptune’s Wraith – Phil Yeats

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Maritime Provinces boast sandy beaches, rocky shores, quaint seaside villages, and sleepy small towns. However, there’s more to these isolated villages and seemingly quiet communities than you might think.

Some of the members of the Evergreen Writers group have crafted this collection of ghost stories from the not-so-scary to the shivery-spooky, Though several stories are based on real events in real places, others are purely fictional. These stories will open your eyes and cause you look over your shoulder. Our ghost, spectres, and wraiths are a benevolent lot- at least most of them! But you may want to leave the light on…


Reviews of OUT OF THE MIST:

5 (of 5) star review by J. Suchan on Amazon.com

I was impressed … All the stories were well written and very interesting. Some will raise the hair on the back of your neck, others are just plain enjoyable. I recommend this book.


5 (of 5) star review by Kate D. on Amazon.ca

Captivating. Interesting read that holds your attention…


Article by Jacqueline Warlow in the Chronicle Herald

A Halloween treat

… Its first attraction is the eerily beautiful cover… a startlingly inviting picture of weathered tombstones and green turf enshrouded by deep grey encroaching mist. Aptly named Out of the Mist: 22 Atlantic Canadian Ghost Stories, the book is both visually appealing and a very good read. The authors have a Maritimer’s knowledge of geography, that sense of place which is central to our identity; a familiarity with the siren call of the sea; and an Atlantic Canadian love of a good yarn well told. …There is definitely an opportunity in all the stories for the reader to suspend disbelief for awhile.


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