Here is Cathy MacKenzie, along with one of Canada’s past Prime Ministers, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, at Carrefour Atlantique, Historic Properties, downtown Halifax. Lots of great items for sale there, along with her recently published book, WOLVES DON’T KNOCK. WOLVES DON’T KNOCK is a psychological drama/thriller told from the POVs of twenty-two-year-old Miranda and her mother, Sharon. Mixed into the story are elements of mystery, suspense, romance, and family dynamics.

A review:  “C. A. MacKenzie’s extraordinary ability to harness psychological drama compelled me to swiftly turn the pages of Wolves Don’t Knock. MacKenzie’s grip is so strong that Miranda’s torment became my own. I was unable to rest until the end; exhausted when I did. Without any reservations, I can declare Wolves Don’t Knock a five-star novel. It is, and literary agents should be fighting each other to represent Catherine A. MacKenzie’s future works. It would be tragic if Wolves Don’t Knock is undiscovered in Amazon’s Slush Pile Mountain. This novel belongs on Amazon’s Bestseller List….”

Also available on Amazon.

Cathy with Trudeau


Read about the Evergreen Writers Group and its new anthology, OFF HIGHWAY, in the Chronicle Herald or here:

Off Highway authors

Members of the Evergreen Writers Group come together from all walks of life. The group serves to motivate and encourage each other to greater efforts and accomplishments.

The group’s members come from all over the Halifax and Dartmouth area and have various levels of writing experience. They also have, as they say on their website, “… interests in almost any genre, from historical fiction and memoirs to mysteries and science fiction.” Among their ranks are poets, short story writers, novelists and playwrights.

The group can trace its origins back to a creative writing course held by Russell Barton in 2012. The course was held at Evergreen House, part of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, and the name seemed rather appropriate.

Almost all of the 12 members of the course wrote a short story for the group’s first anthology, Out of the Mist, which was self-published in 2014 after two years of hard work. The anthology was a collection of ghost stories — some real and some fictional — all based in Atlantic Canada.

“Writing is like therapy. It helps you deal with issues. It’s like a form of release,” said Paul Bourgeois, one member of the group.

Tom Robson, a Yorkshireman who came over to Nova Scotia in the early 1970s and fell in love with the province, has a subtly different take.

“It is a hobby with a product and I feel the product should be shared. It takes courage to open yourself up and become vulnerable, but by doing so you improve the product. That’s another benefit of working together as a group.”

The group provides social benefits to its members, but it also spurs them on to write more — and provides a forum for them to present their efforts to each other.

The group’s second anthology, Off Highway: Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers, is a collection of short stories and poems linked together through the theme of a journey, either literally or metaphorically. It was published recently and will be formally launched at two separate events coming up.

The first will be at the Just Us! Cafe, located at 5896 Spring Garden Rd., on Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. The second launch event will be at the Alderney Gate Public Library (main level) on Dec. 16 at 2 p.m.

Judi Risser, who took the cover photographs for the new anthology, said, “I consider writing to be an art form and we all have a need to self-express and to connect. We share that connection with others.”

The foreword of the new anthology is by acclaimed author Lesley Choyce, a U.S.-born author who has lived in Nova Scotia for many years and is the creator of more than 80 books, including novels, non-fiction and poetry.

Both anthologies by the Evergreen Writers Group are completely self-made and are available on and in some gift shops.

The Evergreen Writers Group meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month and new members are always welcome. To learn more, visit

Book available on Amazon.


Join member Alice Walsh for her book launch, as well as a writing workshop! Thursday, October 19.



Phil Yeats and Catherine A. MacKenzie have stories in The Coldest December, an anthology compiled by Quarter Castle Publishing, soon to be published.

Coldest December


quarter castle for web

Congratulations to Manon Boudreau, Cathy Mackenzie, and Phil Yeats, whose short stories were published in the anthology, Quarter Castle Chronicles, Volume 1, published by Quarter Castle Publishing, September 2015. Amazon





On June 18, Evergreen Writers Group member Frank Leaman launched his book The Roar of the Sea at a well-attended, evening-long celebration at the Austenville Owls Club on the shore of Dartmouth’s Banook Lake. The newspaper article “A Remarkable Journey,” by Evan Webster in the Halifax Chronicle Herald on July 20, 2015, relates the story of how Frank came to write the book describing his grandfather’s 1936 voyage from Halifax to Vancouver in a 23-foot ketch. Halifax Chronicle Herald

Roar of the Sea


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  1. Hi!

    I have been sending messages to the evergreen writers via yahoo and they are constantly returned.
    During the last meeting at Algerney, I gave my new gmail address: Please take note and send me the minutes of the last meeting so that I may contact about events.



  2. Perhaps someone will forward the minutes to you, Berendina. I must have deleted mine.

    I think you have to re-subscribe to the Yahoo group under your new email. Then you’ll be able to access the minutes from there.


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