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Dennis McCormack was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 26, 1947  to Margaret and William McCormack. William was chief engineer with Imperial Oil and an officer with Standard Oil.

Dennis is a proud alumnus of the Halifax School for the Blind 1966. He received a BA from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax in 1970 and an MA from the University of Toronto in 1971. He was editor and founder, with Mike Harper of the Atlantic Braille Press in 1973,  a free Braille, large print and cassette newspaper for blind and visually impaired persons in Atlantic Canada. He was employed with the Institute of Human Values at Saint Mary’s University from 1975 to 1979 and in the field of service and fund development with CNIB from 1980 to 2008.

He has composed  three albums of music, Walking Through Christmas, All That I Need, and Stones and Emeralds. Dennis is the author of six books, Present into Past and Heart Speak, published by iUniverse Press,  and Inside the Soul, Anne Silas, Rnning with Priscilla and Anne Silas and other tales. He has just released his first CD of Poetry titled The Poets Sound.

He performs for seniors organiozations with Geworge Ewanick  Tenor Sax.

Dennis  is a past Grand Knight and deputy Grand Knight of Council 8831 Dartmouth. He is past president of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul  Atlantic. He is the nephew of the late Phyllis MacCormack Wright, poet,  He is married to Bertha, and they have three children: Elizabeth, Teresa and Catherine and three grand children, Nicholas, Faith and Evan.. Dennis and Bertha reside in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Dennis enjoys reading and writing  gaining some insight into the meaning of life thanks to the works of  so many wonderful writers including Peter Kreeft, Thomas Aquinas, Joseph Ratzinger, C S Lewis, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Alfred Noyes, Christini Rrssetti,  Henry Longfellow, Robert Frost,  Samual Taylor Coleridge,  Coventry Patmore,  William Shakespeare, Gerald Manley Hopkins,  John Henry Newman and  Robert Southwell.

Dennis will soon complete an album of sacred music and a work on The Family.

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The Works of Dennis McCormack

Present Into Past My Journey Through Darkness and Light,  Bloomington iUniverse Press, 22010

Heart Speak. Bloomington iUniverse Press, 22011

Coming soon: Anne Silas and Other Works

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Publications Music:

“All That I Need”

“Stones and Emeralds”

“Walking Through Christmas”