Catherine A. MacKenzie

Cathy for Web

Cathy escapes from her mundane world by writing poems and short fiction. Although she writes all genres, she often veers toward the dark, composing fiction most women can relate to. Cathy has been published in various print and online publications. She has also self-published several short story collections, books of poetry, and children’s picture books available as print and e-books on Amazon and Smashwords.

She also edits, formats, and publishes other authors’ works under her imprint, MacKenzie Publishing.

Cathy’s grandchildren provide her joy and inspiration. She lives with her husband in Fall River, Nova Scotia. The couple usually winters in Ajijic, Mexico, where her works have appeared in local publications.

Several of her books are listed on her “author page” on this website. Check out her Amazon Author Page or her Website for other books and more information.

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