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Phil Yeats is a retired scientist experimenting with creative writing.  He has a keen interest in environmental science and dabbled in yachting and golf before turning to fiction.  Yachting can be physically challenging, golf offers gentler exercise but more frustration, creative writing no exercise but maximum frustration.  Can this be a positive trend?

Phil is the author of several published short stories.  Most of them were written using the pen name Alan Kemister to keep a minimal degree of separation between his real science and the fictional variants in some of the stories.  He has also published two novels in a series of soft-boiled mysteries – A Body in the Sacristy and Tilting at Windmills. They are set in an unusual Nova Scotia town with odd citizens who both impede and aid the police investigations. His current project is a science fiction novel set on Earth in the near future. It delves into issues related to humanity’s inability to deal with climate change.

More information about these writing projects can be found on his website.



TILTING AT WINDMILLS by Alan Kemister (Phil Yeats)

A grisly murder introduces newly-recruited detective Simon Goodyear to the less salubrious underside of Barrettsport, Nova Scotia. It sends Simon and Constable Diana Jackson on a three-month-long search for a devious manipulator who entangles much of the town in his nefarious schemes. Along the way, the town, a school teacher, and a young graphic artist draw Simon into their much more personal intrigues.
Tilting at Windmills is the second in a series of soft-boiled Barrettsport Mysteries. Like A Body in the Sacristy, this story combines Detective Simon Goodyear’s investigation of a crime, romantic elements involving young women in the town, and Barrettsport itself, a small community whose quirky character plays an important role. The intertwining of these three themes like traditional hawser-laid ropes that have played such large roles in maritime history will be an ongoing feature of this series set in a coastal Nova Scotia community.

Available in Halifax at Carrefour Atlantique in Historic Properties and on Amazon.


A BODY IN THE SACRISTY by Alan Kemister (Phil Yeats)

The discovery of a baby girl’s body in the sacristy of St. George’s Anglican Church introduces Simon Goodyear to his new job as police detective in Barrettsport, Nova Scotia. In this, his first case, he struggles to determine who she was and how her body ended up in a sealed cabinet. During the investigation, the church secretary provides Simon with important lessons on the political and social structure of his new hometown. He discovers that the quirky nature of the town and its most prominent citizens are key factors leading to the puzzle’s solution.

Available in Halifax at Carrefour Atlantique in Historic Properties and on Amazon.

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