I, Me, She

Poem by Judi

Love is given freely to you, to me.
We need only widen our arms, our hearts, our eyes
To accept this gift, to feel the light
The warmth, the generosity.

Love requires simple acts of gratitude
We create, we give, we share
We open up our hearts, our minds
We inspire kindness, quite simply, we care.

Love comes in many different forms
We widen our smiles, our eyes, our hearts
We feel the light, the warmth, the sincerity
Each of us is deserving, each is more than worthy.

Love requires trust, trust enough to ask
To ask for what we want, or to ask
For that, which is something greater
For, in truth, we know not what we need.

Trust in the universe, it knows how to heal
Our stolen voice, our broken wing, even our shattered heart
What we give, in turn, we receive
Love is universal.

To accept this endless treasure
We give, are given, we give back, we believe
Ahhh…yes, now I see
Love is a gift from the universe.

Love is a sacred gift, Love is free
Free, oh, really…?
YOU say, I need only be me
Why is this the most difficult of tasks?

Because, now I must take off all my masks
Love requires truth
Surely I can be, finally, truly and wholly me
To accept this gift of love.

I, me, she who stands as proud, as tall, as an ancient redwood tree
I, me, she who has dreams and visions even when she’s not sleeping
I, me, she who cries like a baby, roars like a lion and soars as high as a butterfly
I, me, she must be… utterly and completely free.

I must be free to Love me, so that I can be free… to Love
You are already forgiven, be free… Love
And, when you have forgiven me
We shall both finally be free to Love… freely.


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