About Us

Evergreen Writers Group, Halifax Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Evergreen Writers Group is a creative writing group that meets in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We have varied levels of writing experience and interests in almost any genre from historical fiction and memoirs to mysteries and science fiction. Our current group consists of poets, short story writers, novelists, and playwrights.

Our writing group draws its members from the Halifax metropolitan area. We meet twice a month to discuss our writing ideas, read our latest efforts, offer constructive criticism, and generally help each other reach our creative writing goals.

On the first Wednesday of each month we meet from 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the cellar of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum’s Evergreen House at 26 Newcastle Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

On the third Wednesday we meet at the same time in one of the second floor meeting rooms at the Alderney Gate Branch of the Halifax Regional Library at 60 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth.

In the summer of 2014, we completed a two-year project with the publication of Out of the Mist, an anthology of twenty-two Atlantic Canadian ghost stories written by eleven of our members. We are currently working on another anthology with the theme of “journeys.”

If you are interested in joining our group, please come to a meeting and see what we are about. We are a welcoming group.

15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi. My name is Phoebe. Is the Evergreen writer’s group still on this year? And is the anthology still “Journeys” or was that last years theme? I am very interested in joining your group. I am not yet located in Halifax, but soon will be in the next couple months and am constantly writing in my spare time as it is a passion I would like to improve on. Thank You. Any answers would be appreciated 🙂

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    1. Phoebe, the group is still active. The “journeys” themed anthology is in the works right now, but we aren’t accepting any new submissions. Let us know when you are able to attend a meeting. We meet the first and third Wednesdays.

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  2. I think I’ll try to come tomorrow. I’m interested in getting into regular writing. And would welcome an opportunity to learn though a group. I’m not published, though did self-publish some poetry a couple years ago. I do have one published poem and a published article. So tomorrow it’s at the library. I’ll try to be there. 💕


  3. Just read your write up in the Dartmouth Tribune (Nov. 28, 2017). Congratulations on the second anthology! I’m interested in seeing what your group is all about. What should I bring with me Wednesday?


  4. I’m interested in your group. I learned about it in the Dartmouth Tribune. Wednesday morning is difficult as I work for a living but, will try to do one meeting this December. I:ve been blogging at http://www.ericjorden.com/blog for the past 5.5. years. Write to educate my potential clientele but, surprise surprise found I get a lot of pleasure from just writing; developing a topic…Eric E. Jorden


  5. Good morning, I have recently purchased the book “Off Highway” Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers. I have had an interesting personal Journey and an equally interesting life throughout my Forensic field. I am interested in attending a group session with you. Would that permissible? Looking forward to a reply!


  6. Hi there,

    I am a new resident of the Dartmouth area and have been looking for a place to learn/grow in my desire to write. I would like to attend one of your meetings if they are still going on. My name is Sherry and I can be reached either at 902-292-2019 or by email at… sherrybailey1301@outlook.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest regards, Sherry


    1. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at Evergreen House in Dartmouth and the third Wednesday at the Alderney Library in Dartmouth. 10:15 a.m. More particulars are listed on the “About Us” page. Looking forward to meeting you!


  7. So I’m assuming as a rule you meet the first and third wednesday of every month..everyone is free to attend….
    You don’t need an appointment you just show up and listen and go from there 🙂


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